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We are deeply committed to ethical aesthetics, a core principle that sets us apart in the realm of medical aesthetics. At the heart of this commitment is Tina Mellesmoen, a registered nurse (RN) whose expertise and ethical approach underpin every treatment we offer. Tina's extensive background in nursing not only ensures a high standard of care but also brings a level of compassion and understanding that is rare in the industry.

Our focus on ethical aesthetics is reflected in how we approach each treatment and interaction with our clients. We believe that aesthetics is not just about enhancing appearance but about fostering self-confidence and well-being. Tina, with her professional nursing background, embodies this philosophy, ensuring that each client's health and safety are paramount. Her expertise as an RN provides an added layer of trust and reliability, guaranteeing that every injection and treatment is administered with the utmost precision and care.

At Sunshine Spa & Aesthetics, we understand that the choice to undergo aesthetic treatments is deeply personal. Tina’s role as an RN reinforces our commitment to informed and ethical practices, ensuring clients are educated about their choices and receive treatments that align with their individual goals. This ethical approach to aesthetics ensures not only beautiful, natural-looking results but also a safe and supportive environment where clients feel valued and heard. Join us at Sunshine Spa & Aesthetics, where ethical aesthetics and professional care come together to create a truly unique and trustworthy experience.

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